(PARADISE: IN SEARCH OF PEACE) Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir (C) KCPR/ Nadeem Qadri

The Youth Peace Leadership Program, 2014

Inspiring Youth!

This year we are hosting the Youth Peace Leadership Program, 2014 titled "Promoting Peace Through Education and Leadership" will be held in Kashmir.

There will be one days workshop, each targeted to empower youth to become agents of social change: Leadership; Time Management; School and Career Goal Setting; and Social Awareness.

Please contact us if you know of any interested person, peace activist, Intellectuals, politicians, students, educationalist social activists interested to participate in the workshop, please share with us!

If you would like to participate please contact: kashmirpeacecentre@gmail.com

HELPLINE: +91-88-030-70-356

Germaine Taylor CHAIR

Kashmir Centre for Peace and Reconciliation has decided to constitute a Chair under the name of Germaine Taylor CHAIR for her contribution towards KCPR. She left us on 8th of October, 2010. May her soul rests in peace. Ameen...


Kashmir Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (KCPR) is an Independent Think-Tank Advocacy Group under the aegis of Youth Parliament of Jammu & Kashmir, a registered youth organisation, recognised by UN-CSO that is devoted to peacebuilding and reconciliation in the State of Jammu & Kashmir and beyond. From the context of the protracted conflict experienced in and between these parts, Kashmir Centre for Peace & Reconciliation works towards understanding complex relationships, as well as cultivating new ones, between all people from all parts of society. The programme work builds peace and fosters reconciliation by facilitating dialogues, creating peace education resources, organising school programmes, and much more.

The Kashmir Centre for Peace and Reconciliation welcomes all to share the aspirations of peacebuilding.

We perceive peacebuilding as a process which provides opportunities to understand the nature and meaning of conflicts and opportunities to resolve them without recourse to violence.

Subject Areas
  • Kashmir Conflict
  • Human Rights Advocacy
  • Youth Peace Education
  • Conflict Mediation and Peacemaking
  • Youth Programme
  • Social Science Research
  • Community Development
  • Diversity and Equality Issues
  • Environmental Conservation

1. Kashmir Peace Newsletter

2. Kashmir Peace Network

3. One Day Introductory Workshop On Peace Leadership

4. Courses Available:

  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Mediation & Peacemaking
  • Certificate Course (5 Days).
  • Leadership & Conflict Resolution Skill Course,(2 Days).

5. Emergency Peace Fund

6. Youth Programme:

  • Young Leadership Course (Weekend)
7. Peace Conference Centre;

  • 20 Delegate Capacity.
8. Peace Resource Centre;

  • Library
  • Internet Service
9. Centre of Excellence for Peace Studies & Dispute Resolution.

  • Resource Material
  • Study Aids
10. Publication:

  • Articles
  • NEWSletter
  • Booklet

The Kashmir Peace Café

The Kashmir Valley possesses a rare stillness and natural beauty that makes it the ideal location for the Kashmir Peace Café. One of the key facilities within the Island of Peace is the very inviting Kashmir Peace Restaurant, Coffee Shop and Craft Centre.

The serene atmosphere of the valley seems to permeate the warm and relaxed centre, which is a perfectly perched overlooking stunning view of Dal Lake.

The Peace Restaurant has recently launched an extended Menu designed and prepared by our Kashmiri Chefs. And while enjoying the cuisine why not take in the beautiful surrounds of the Kashmir valley in the outdoor decking area or just soak up the details of Kashmir’s special history as displayed there.

The Kashmir Peace Café is open 7 days a week and can cater for up to 100 people for both daytime and evening functions, with pricing and menus to suit the customer being our speciality. Special offers are available to all Groups, who wish to avail of the restaurant for group activities and outings while at the same time members of the KCPR team can bring you up to speed on the current programme events at the Kashmir Centre for Peace & Reconciliation making your visit an interesting one.

Apart from the restaurant the Island of Peace also houses a craft shop, which holds an array of art, craft and homemade products and the centre is always on the look out for local craft suppliers. Plants, hanging baskets and containers for your garden, patio or veranda may be purchased, as can fresh garden produce, eggs, fishes, homemade bread. The theme of reconciliation, peace and inclusion are clearly a part of the shop’s ethos as locally produced high quality goods created by community groups are supported. A beautiful selection of vibrantly coloured rugs, scarves and hand woven items are on display while at the same time you will find a display of bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery hand made in Kashmir, where KCPR currently has long-term programmes running.

Island of Peace also offers conference and meeting facilities at affordable rates to organisations and groups in the private, corporate, public and community sectors. We have conference room for 6 to 60 people depending on the size of your group. We supply tea and coffee breaks and snacks. The unique setting brings a different energy to any event.

At Island of Peace we can also offer residential accommodation, which is ideal for groups holding private parties, wedding parties, walking groups, exercise programmes, meditation retreats, yoga, etc. Staying overnight at Island of Peace is an exceptional and magical experience. The fresh air and the breathtaking view of the Dal Lake, surrounding mountains and the Valley of Kashmir will certainly put you in a different frame of mind where you can take time to reflect on the beauty of nature often forgotten in the rush of our busy lives.

For further details and bookings please contact us @ kashmirpeacecentre@gmail.com or Call us @ +91-88-030-70-356